Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wait. What?

It's been a long, hard day.  It's alright.  I texted Miguel and he said that tomorrow he and I would just scoot our fannies down to the production office and fire up that shredder.

Newtie has that determined look he used to get when he wanted me to break out the rimming sugar.  "I want it and I'll have it" only this time it wasn't my tongue on his butthole it was the Presidency.  Don't say 'same diff' -- I don't feel like laughing right now.

I swear, Diary, it was The Donald who made him do it.  He kept going on and on about how if he didn't announce for real we'd be accused of "Trumping" and that is just something he couldn't face, not after getting kicked out of the House.   Honestly, you'd think they'd thrown his clothes on the lawn!  And speaking of clothes on the lawn, don't get me started about Wife Number 1.  The C word I think about her isn't "Catholic" --not even close.

More later. I have to get some Lexapro and some sleep, in that order!