Saturday, March 19, 2011

Balancing work and rest on the campaign trail

Travelling is hard, especially SO far from home as Iowa. Iowa. Tne other day one of Newtie's interns made a joke about Green Acres and for a minute I wanted to pretend I was too young to remember that show, but then I realized it was important to clear the air on that mistake. "I don't like New York City," I said. I guess they see me now and think I must be all penthouse apartments and mink coats, but honestly, if any of those interns knew how I actually lived during the time when Newtie was Speaker, they would be shocked. Cramped and debt-ridden doesn't begin to describe it. That's why it's so important that we balance the campaign fundraising with knowing that it isn't actually a campaign yet. No point in putting that flea-ridden FEC horse behind the cart. It really is time to get the government out of the election process.

Finally found an esthetican out here, and when I found out the ONLY double certified doctor in ALL of Des Moines (really) is a Doctor Koch, I laughed and laughed. Newtie laughed, too, for a minute... and then he was on the phone with David for a couple minutes and hung right up. "No relation," Newtie said. "We'll bill it to the production company as usual."

I really like Doctor Koch. He totally understands that it's up to the patient as well as the doctor if we're going to have a successful facial journey. He is all about telling Newtie that I must pamper myself and be pampered after the office visit, and that RELAXATION is the most important aspect of a successful recovery! Also, I can't wear those St. John blouses or anything I pull over my head for six weeks. Relaxation, duh!

But quite frankly, it's hard to relax in Iowa. You know I went to college here, and I'm always afraid I'll bump into one of the basketball players from my alma mater. That party in the back of the away game bus is something I wouldn't want to get out, even though it was a bunch of us girls who did it, and we won the game, duh! It was good times and frankly, that center guard taught me most of what I know about relaxing my neck muscles, which sure is coming in handy during my post-office visit R and R. I seriously doubt I could swallow the pills if it wasn't for visualization.