Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Welcome, fellow freedom lovers!

Lunch with Cindy today.  She wants me to do a NOH8 campaign but Newtie doesn't like the tape across the mouth look on me.

After lunch [news flash:  A Pink Lady without the grenadine won't stain your dental work] we shopped and exchanged safewords.  Cindy lied and said hers was "fiscal responsibility."  BFF!  Cracks me up.

So I told her I was going to make mine "Reagan" but you can't make a safe word something that gets your partner MORE excited, duh!   Sometimes when I want to get Newtie in the mood all I have to DO is say "liberty."

Anyway, after much consideration, we just made my safeword "Ginny Thomas."  Cindy said, "After Clarence's wife?  Oh yeah, that'll put an end to the fun time."  LOL!