Sunday, March 20, 2011

What a life!

I'll never forget high school except I don't remember Seamus Puch at all. Cheri tried to kiss me senior year, I'm sure she's all about forced same sex unions now. As if that should be shoved down everyone's throat! Well, Cindi McCain says it should, but she's got Hollywood friends.

I'm posting this photo because I really think it's important to set the record straight that from the time I started seeing Newtie in 2004 it was me all the way. Certain so-called reporters want to say that he was seeing me "on the side" while he "publicly reconciled" with wife number two as he became Speaker of the House. Hellooo! If there was anything EXTRA-marital going on it was that extra wife of his. Even then I was known around the Hill as Newtie's "frequent breakfast companion." Can I help it if the love Newtie and I had for each other didn't fit our party's much-needed message of family values? Trust me, I converted Newtie to the Catholic faith as quickly as I could. And once you're a Catholic, it just doesn't matter how much you quote unquote "sin." That's what I always told Newtie and eventually he bought it, good for me and good for his immortal soul!

This was taken a few months before our marriage. Well, obviously, since after we got married I put a stop to his static sock cling, duh! We didn't have time before this party for any "Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less" or I would have noticed it. Also obviously this was taken after Newtie had divorced HER. Honestly, what kind of woman talks to Esquire, anyway? Isn't that a magazine for MEN? I'd say she was in that "funny joke from a beautiful woman" but number one, you've seen her, Diary, and number two, she isn't funny.

Quick reply to Minnie in Ames: Yes, that is me on the audiobook of "Drill Here." And yes it was a hoot.