Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ralph Reed: A Girl's Best Friend

From last September:

So today we're once again in Iowa, and I still haven't written down how nice it was to meet up with Ralphie Reed. He and Newt have a lot of history together; he's such a sweet guy and really a great dresser.

Okay, Diary, I'm gonna bare it here: Ralph was the one who pulled me aside to advise me to change my clothes and hair a couple years ago. "Callie honey," he said, "you're an eleven dressing like a six. No one would ever know you're from Virginia."

At first I was really offended, but when he looked at me with his son-of-a-preacherman eyes, I knew immediately that he had been praying about this. So I listened. "Callie, there's a saying in the lobbying world: If you're gonna do the time, do the crime. If you're gonna be the red hot sexy blonde who's turned Newt Gingrich's visage to Rome, then for heaven's sake BE it. Own it, girlfriend! Even His Holiness wears red shoes!!!"

He took me shopping the next day (but I didn't buy red shoes because, you know, I aspire to be in a higher class of people than she aspires to be in, honestly!) and introduced me at lunch to his esthetician, Doctor Hakki. Really really nice. He has that Omar Sharif look to him, you know? Later I went to Dr. Hakki's office to begin a new facial journey but I want to make it clear, diary that I did not do the Brazilian Butt Lift, "full on the inside and tight on the outside" YET. I'm only 45, for crying out loud!

I'm so glad Ralph introduced me to Dr. Hakki. He was really great about working around my taping schedule for "America at Risk".