Saturday, March 26, 2011

Managing almost-a-campaign is hard!

Best Idea EVER.  CPAC had a "get your picture taken with The Gipper" photo booth!  It looks so real.  I wish Reince Priebus would answer his phone every once in a while, I would tell him to put one at the Republican Convention.  He really could use some advice on how to honor Reagan more at these things, it's pathetic.  I mean, I would let the RNC run my documentary, Ronald Reagan, Rendevous with Destiny at a very reduced rate.

As you know, Diary, I'm acting as Newtie's kind of campaign manager, and it's been so hard.  Social media is just as bad as mainstream media.  First, my twitter account, MrsGingrich3, got deleted because Twitter said I was impersonating a celebrity, hellooo!  All I did was give advice to some twitter girlfriend that if she fell off her chair laughing at my twitter feed, she should stay down there until her husband said get up, because there might be some jewelry in it for her.   Professing is NOT the same as impersonating, TwitterFail!

And just to show you I know what I'm talking about, here's a sample tweet:

Yes, the URL was my idea.  #winning, duh!

And then Newtie deleted some old tweets, I mean why keep around reminders about Easter Candy and how fat Newtie used to be?  Besides, it's a matter of privacy.   The eggs I give and don't give to Newtie are 100% between me and Jenny Craig, and twitter can just stay out of it.

Newtie suggested we just go off of Twitter all together but I think it's like sort of running for President: it's kind of a pain, sure, but there is long-term marketing potential in it.  Besides, you can't be a leader without having lots of followers.  Over a million three, and that doesn't count Gingrich  Espanol, which was not my idea, but whatever.

Followup:  Great news!  We're back on Twitter, yay!

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